Heart of Darkness

NEW from W. W. Norton

ISBN 978-0-393-63564-5

Heart of Darkness: has unsettled generations of readers with its haunting portrait of colonialism in Africa. Acclaimed illustrator Peter Kuper delivers a visually immersive and profoundly complex interpretation of this controversial classic evoking the danger and suspense at the heart of this brutal story. His images and concise text confront Joseph Conrad’s colonial attitudes and Europe’s systemic racism yet leave room for readers to engage with these issues on their own terms. Longtime admirers of the novella will appreciate his innovative interpretations, while new readers will discover a brilliant introduction to a canonical work of twentieth-century literature.


“Not only a triumph of graphic art but a compelling work of literary interpretation. [Kuper] has designed a masterful synthesis that retains Conrad’s language while pressing beyond the limits of Conrad’s vision.

–Maya Jasanoff, Coolidge Professor of History, Harvard University, from the foreword

“An effective visual rendering of a notoriously ambiguous novella.”

—Paul Armstrong, Professor of English, Brown University


“The major achievement of this adaptation is Kuper’s ability to capture Conrad’s irony by going beyond the merely expressionist. It provides a space of play that enhances the moral of the tale.”

—Simon Gikandi, Robert Schirmer Professor of English, Princeton University


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