NEW from W. W. Norton Winner of the 2018 Reuben Award

Kafkaesque: Longtime lovers of Kafka will appreciate Kuper’s innovative interpretations, while Kafka novices will discover a haunting introduction to some of the great writer’s most beguiling stories, including "A Hunger Artist," "In The Penal Colony," and "The Burrow." Kafkaesque stands somewhere between adaptation and wholly original creation, going beyond a simple illustration of Kafka’s words to become a stunning work of art.

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Hardcover // September 2018 // ISBN 978-0-393-63562-1

6.6 × 9.5 in / 160 pages


"...unequivocally expresses emotions while also underscoring the nightmarish conditions of the worlds presented. A richly innovative interpretation that honors the source while expanding the material."
Kirkus Reviews

"In distilling Kafka's timeless themes,Kuper creates stark panels of disturbing truth and powerful warning. While Kafka aficionados will savor enhanced perception, readers without prior knowledge will nevertheless appreciate Kuper's unflinching interpretations."

"Kafkaesque is a stout, enchanting exploration of Kafka’s work. Illuminating his curious character with such incomparable art galvanizes the comic’s content, making each individual story land with dramatic flair..."
Starburst magazine

“ Kuper does what I love. Jazz. This book is a series of riffs, visual improvisations on short takes by the old master. It becomes a diverting, even daring, high wire act, where Kafka's stoic Euro-alienation meets and merges with Kuper's thoroughly American rock and roll alienation.”

–Jules Feiffer, Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist